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Greetings from the happy (well reasonably cheerful as i write this) owner of a 2020 Se L 1.0 petrol manual in, occasionaly when washed, white. :)

I've lived with diesel estates for the last 20+ years, but thanks to the last one (2011 golf) eventualy letting me down with the infamous dpf blockage due to my yearly mileage lessening. I decided it was time to convert, and invest in a petrol :evil: . My dad had a Superb for several years and was very pleased, so I thought I'd have a go with skoda after having driven most makes over the years.
It was a toss up between. Octavia, Kamiq and Karoq. The Octavia had heater controls on touch screen instead of knobs and switches so that was out. Then the vario flex seats sold it for me so Kamiq was out too.

I am really happy with the car so far, but if I was going to be picky, the only faults I would complain about are, I can't rest right arm on window frame as trim slopes away, the interior lights don't come on when turn engine off, and there's no footwell lights. Oh, and there is no foot rest for the right foot when using cruise control (I got used to the one that was in the previous golf I had :lol: )

I have had it almost 2 months and so far added, wind deflectors, fitted UV shades, led reverse and interior lights. I will hopefully fiddle with the car more as I get to know all the gadgets and gizmos that are already in it. I was thinking about a bonnet deflector but I am not sure if it the fixings could damage the paint over time.
I still keep finding new stuff on the car each time I drive it (wow there is so much stuff in modern cars :o ), so once I have worked everything out and become more knowledgable on it, I will hopefully be able to take a more active part in the forum.
In the mean time please be gentle as it has been a lot of years since I have been a member of a car forum, so I'm not sure if the chat and discussions have changed over the years.

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