high engine oil level

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Post by samdylan »

Anybody having problems with high oil levels on there 20 ltr Tdi.

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Post by IanW »

Possible reasons:-

Frequent incomplete regens due to DPF/SCR problems or too many short trips.
Leak on High pressure fuel pump allowing diesel to leak into sump
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Post by sanqhar »

This is due to failed DPF regenerations. The system raises the combustion temperature by pumping extra diesel into the combustion chamber to raise the temperature in the exhaust and burn off the carbon deposits . If the regen is stopped or incomplete then the extra diesel washes down the bores to the sump thus raising the oil level.

The most common cause is too many short journeys where the exhaust does not get up to temperature.

see: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/askhj/answ ... le-is-this

If too much diesel ends up in the sump there is then the risk that the engine will run on the sump oil it will then be impossible to stop, will over-rev and will self destruct.

When I was last looking for a new car I was interested in a diesel LR Discovery Sport. The salesman told me that I needed to do at least one 25 mile journey a week to ensure the DPF had an opportunity to regenerate. I knew my annual mileage was substantially reducing so I bought a petrol Karoq.

Regular dual carriageway runs of at least 15 miles in a lower gear, keeping the engine revs up, will help with the regenerations.

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Thanks, than makes make sense .
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