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If your Skoda dealer advocates a spark plug change at every service, you will be stung unnecessarily for a minimum of £100 for 3 plugs each time. My 2018 Karoq (1L ) had only done 3000 miles since its last dealer service and now has a total mileage of 17000 on the clock. Like at my last service, they wanted to change the plugs, I refused. Plugs should last at least 30,000 miles but if you see a fall off in fuel consumption, inspect the following. Remove the plugs and check the ceramic part to make sure there is no carbon build up as this can cause spark tracking down the outside of the plug and in turn cause a weaker ignition spark or even a misfire. Clean off any (black) carbon mist present with a rag. Next, check the electrode gap is as the maker intended, using a feeler gauge and if required, tap it gently to close the gap. It is surprising that even a few thousands of an inch out, can make a difference. This is important as the spark also erodes the electrodes over time, making the gap wider. Clean around the ceramic base of the electrode as well with a brass wire brush to remove any deposits. Replace plugs. Job done. If all that fails to improve things, change the plugs, but get decent ones. They will last longer and many will give you a better spark.

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Any dealer recommending new plugs every year at normal domestic annual mileages (10-12K miles) is taking the P.
Don't waste your money and preferably change to an honest dealer!!
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