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I was wondering if there is a way to remove the album art box, when I am playing music from folders on a mini flash drive, and just have the artist and the song title on the screen.

Most of the songs are downloaded from youtube and only the odd one will have their own album art, so having the picture "Now thats what I call music 2008" showing for every song in a folder, even though there may only be one from that year/album, is annoying, and a little embarrassing to say the least :lol:

The main reason is, when I am playing none English songs, such as a folder of Japanese 70s/80s city pop (don't judge me :P ) it will show only part of an artists name and not show the full name or the title due to the album art box, which is frustrating not knowing what a song is called if I have several songs from the same artist.

Any advice regarding if this is possible, plus how to do it would be appreciated. Thanks

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