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Hi. I am very new to this forum so thanks for accepting me.
I purchased my first ever Skoda car last year. I purchased a second hand Karoq 1.5 SEL DSG on 10/08/2023, with 26364 miles on the clock. The car was registered on 29/11/2019 so, 44 months old at the time of purchase.
The car now has 32102 miles on the clock. I was given a printout of any work carried out on the vehicle such as routine servicing and any warranty work. There is an entry on the system on 18/03/2020 that merely states "Investigation". Then on 23/06/2020 another entry states "Investigated into water leak, Tested and checked inside of boot and tailgate......', and finally, on 02/12/2020 another entry states 'Sealed tailgate boot".
The car came with the roadside tyre repair kit which in all the cars that I have owned, I have never trusted these contraptions and so purchased an OE Skoda skinny wheel and fitting kit. When I went to fit this kit the boot floor was extremely wet. I have told the dealer of the situation and short of being fobbed off, I was not very inspired by what they said. They have agreed to have a look at the car next week but have mentioned some horrendous figures to me for diagnostic work. I believe that I have some rights but what does the collective knowledge of this group think?
I don't want to name and shame the dealer just yet.

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What’s the diagnostic work for? If you’ve got water in the boot surely they should be looking for any leaks? Regardless of that, you’ve had the car for less than a year so surely it’s a warranty issue
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