Plug in hybrid - worth it or not?

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Post by Kelly80 »

Hi all,

With the cost of petrol not set to drop I am really considering trading in my petrol Karoq for a plug in hybrid? (not ness a Karoq as I don't think these are available).

I currently have a 1L Auto Karoq TSI and do about 4000 miles a year mainly short urban journeys less than 20mins (shopping, school run etc) and I am lucky to be getting 28 MPG and just seem to be spending so much on petrol.

Has anyone had experience of a plug in hybrid i.e. is the overall costs that much different when you weigh everything up such as charging point installation, overall running costs/servicing etc?

Any advice or shared experiences appreciated

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Post by IanW »

No personal experience but there's a PHEV economy calculator here
If you take something like the Kia Sportage the PHEV is around £6k more expensive than the petrol equivalent. Also a PHEV could well be over £40k so you'll be hit with an extra £390/yr road tax! (albeit only for 5yrs).
Don't forget possible increased insurance costs for PHEVs
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