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Post by pgp001 »

Next time I get some new tyres fitted to replace the original Bridgestones, I want to get Goodyear Vector All Seasons.
I had these on my previous two Yeti's and was well pleased with them.

My Karoq petrol 1.0 SE-L is on the very un-practical Crater 19" wheels and currently has standard 225 x 40 tyres fitted.
My speedo is currently reading approx 10% higher than my Garmin "Sat Nav" speed when I tested it.

My question is has anyone got any experience of fitting slightly deeper 225 x 45 tyres on this car ?
Just for info the tyre comparison website says that these would be 3.4% larger circumference.

I believe the Edition model had 225 x 45 as standard ??


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Post by CJJE »

My Sportline had 225/45 R19s fitted as standard. But as yet few of the the latest all-season tyres are available in that size. The Gen 3 Goodyears aren't offered, nor the Continental 2s, although the Michelin CrossClimate 2 SUVs are.

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Post by kodiaq »

Have a look at this website. Below.
All speedos are designed to read higher than actual, usually by around 10%. My car shows 33mph at a true 30mph.
Changing tyre profile sizes can make your speedo illegal i:e:- if it reads BELOW actual speed.

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Post by pgp001 »

Well I decided not to bother replacing the 19" tyres after all. I have purchased a very nice set of 17" alloy wheels from an Audi Q2 Sport which fit perfectly and have just ordered a set of Goodyear Vectors for them. The price difference is huge, I bought the new 17" wheels and tyres for the same price as four 19" tyres.

So if anyone is looking for set of 19" Crater wheels with part worn (9500 miles) Bridgestone tyres, then get in touch. They should be available next week.
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Post by pgp001 »

Here are my Crater wheels if anyone is interested. £650 plus £65 postage for the set.

I have more detailed photo's of each wheel.


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