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Post by preetz »

Has anyone experienced there car cutting out when approaching a junction with the start stop system enabled but not actually stationary.
example, when approaching a junction slowing down, changing down, possibly travelling at 2 mph and car cuts out, not stalled it. I then have to apply the brake and restart in normal way.

This has happened quite a few times much to the annoyance of cars behind me and my annoyance.

Any ideas, i have a 23 KAROQ SEL.


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Post by IanW »

Is it a manual or DSG ?

If its a manual , then start/stop shouldnt activate unless you're in neutral with the clutch pedal up!!

Mine's a DSG and the start/stop doesnt activate until the vehicle's completely stopped and brakes applied ( usually by autohold )
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Post by Kroq »

I have a 23 Sport Line Manual and it does exactly the same, trouble is it is random, doesn’t happen every time you slow down. This also happened on my previous Karoo which was DSG, but the effect was less dramatic as it restarted almost instantaneously, but could cost a second or two when trying to pull away.
It seems if you leave it to the last moment to dip the clutch then this is when the engine cuts, so I try to remember to dip the clutch a little earlier and it seems to be less of a problem.
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Post by KenA »

I have the 1.5 SE L Auto. Start Stop activates only when I come to a standstill, say at trafic lights or in traffic queue etc.
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Post by kodiaq »

Pain in the arse and it is proved that it doesn't save petrol. Just remember to switch it off every time you start up. It will sonn become automatic.
If you really hate it DO NOT be tempted to cut any wires or in any other was disable it. The default is OFF and you will be stuffed! it will also invalidate your warranty and possibly your insurance. The latter companies will not tolerate ANY fiddling with original build. Even swappng winter/summer wheels MUST be advised to your insurers.
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Post by KGHL »

Maybe if your in a high gear it's stalling .
It should not cut out until your stationary and your speedo reads zero and your in neutral
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Post by BTandSid »

Sportline dsg, only activates once I’m stopped
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Post by Bucky »

I have Skoda karoq sel 1.5 no additions March 2024 on several occasions engine cuts out approaching r/bout or junction slowing down engine cuts out press clutch wiggle steering won't start car slows to a stop cockpit says push button to start.Waiting for car to go back to garage need car collected so nearest appointment is 9th may here's hoping it gets fixed Bucky
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Post by Kroq »

Hi, I have experienced this both on a 2019 auto Karoq sport line diesel automatic, the engine would cut out just before you came to a halt, but with an auto it is not so dramatic as a manual. I now have a 2023 1.5 petrol sport line manual and it does exactly as you describe. I have taken it back to the dealer and they say they can find nothing wrong. I have found that I can mostly overcome the ‘stall’ if the clutch is dipped in good time on approach to a junction/roundabout. If you leave it too late then that is when I seem to experience it cutting out outside of the stop/start process. Obviously this is not ideal but guess the engine needs an anti stall system, and if it has one perhaps it needs to be tweaked!
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Post by IanW »

There's quite a long thread about this over on the Briskoda forums ... tting-out/
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