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Post by Orac »

Just been to Wales for caravan holiday. On arrival left keys in car and my wife and I closed car doors because of slight rain. Walked to the caravan and heard a clunk behind me. Car had locked itself with keys, phone and food etc inside with no way to get in. Fortunately I still had Skoda assist warrantee and mechanic was able to open the drivers door sufficiently to get a long rod inside. Pressing the starter button with rod, flashed up key not inside. He managed to lever the inside door handle allowing access. Spare key was at home and if it had been in wife's handbag it also was in locked car. What would have happened if this happened in the middle of nowhere in freezing weather, we could have died. I NOW KEEP THE KEYS ON ME AND DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR. Will be interesting to see what Skoda says about it

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Post by CJJE »

The intriguing thing here is that the car didn't realise the keys were inside, and so the safeguards against it locking the doors didn't apply. Is the key battery getting low perhaps?

But why did the doors WANT to lock anyway? Is there a menu option perhaps that was telling it to lock the doors for you?

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Post by AMG22 »

I have recently bought a Skoda Karoq SEL 1.5 petrol 68. We are also having key/battery/locking system issues. The second day I had it we were on holiday and unpacking the car, the main 4 doors were closed, thankfully the boot was open as the car locked itself with my toddler inside. I was able to crawl in through the boot to get the keys. Since then the key batteries have failed with no warning and required replacement 3 times in 5 weeks, 1 key twice and the spare once.

The garage have reset the locking system, but one week later the key failed again and I had to call breakdown to get in twice.

I have been informed this is a known fault by another dealership, but my dealership has denied this. Has anyone else had similar issues? I am afraid I have no faith in the car now and am wary of using it further than a walkable distance from the house!

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Post by Milfmog »

Key failure without warning seems to be standard on Skodas fitted with KESSY.

On premature battery failure, I was advised to only use Panasonic batteries. Certainly, I have had multiple early failures with Duracell and Energisers. I have been using Panasonics without issue until recently when one of my wife's keys for her (KESSY GO equipped) Fabia dies unexpectedly, just 10 months after the battery was replaced. Fortunately, she was close enough to walk home and get her spare key. I have just replaced the batteries in all our Skoda keys. I had planned on changing them on 1 January every year but it seems even a year is too long to really trust the "simply smart" garbage that is KESSY.

I have not experienced the car locking itself effect and on those occasions when I have been daft enough to try to lock my keys in the car it has always refused to let me (so far).

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Post by Dagwoodv »

I'm also having intermittent issues with the central locking on my 18 plate Karoq. 1 year ago I picked it up from the dealer got to the ferry terminal for the last leg home. I left key in the ignition with spare key in car, went to ticket office when I returned it was locked. I had to smash the rear quater window ( note to self always smash a bigger passenger window if necessary as this is alot cheaper) Annoying the dealer was no use I am still non the wiser and have to always carry the key on me. It rarely locks itself but until recently has started doing it like twice daily now.
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Post by Keithmik »

Hi all, I'm having this exact problem with my 18 plate karoq, has anyone managed to resolve the issue??
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Post by Bomberh »

I have recently been having issues with my Skoda Karoq locking itself.

One of the things, is I go to my locked car and pull the handle which then unlocks the driver door. When I get in and close the door, all the doors lock. The cars ignition is not on, I haven't pressed the start button. I haven't pressed anything on the key fob, its in my pocket. When I try and start the engine, I can't as it states the key is not near so it won't start.

If I pull the inside door handle the door will open. I close the door again, the car still won't start. The only way to start the car, is to sit in the car, unlock the car with the key fob. The engine then starts.

I have also had an issue. when I unlock the car with the key fob and open a door any door, when I close the door, the car locks itself. That's with a full unlock with the key fob, not a pull the front door handle and close the door again!

This appears to be an issue that is starting to effect quite a few owners!!

Anyone know if this can be fixed??
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Post by Keithmik »

I've finally got to the bottom of my locking problem. I replaced the drivers door lock assembly and all the issues went away! Best £130 I've ever spent 😂
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Post by GrahamB »

I too have experienced this problem on a 68 plate Karoq. Car locks, engine won't start because it can't find the key, wing mirrors stay out. Need to use the blipper to unlock.

Reading about other people's experiences on this forum, I was concerned about taking it to the garage. I was having some routine servicing done, so I asked them to 'have a quick look'. They confirmed the problem and advised that it was the drivers door lock that needed to be changed. They also advised that the lock was a newer design to the original. Price, including fitting and VAT - £284.00

Just had it fitted today - time will tell whether it has cured the problem. Fingers crossed! .... but it's going to be some time before I dare leave keys in the car!
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Post by ambizop »

In general, a central locking system's electrical issues cause vehicles to lock and unlock themselves. Usually, the culprit is a faulty actuator losing electrical signals. Occasionally, worn-out wires or a faulty door sensor will engage and disengage car locks independently.
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